New Year's Day For the Kids!

When we talk about New Year's parties we usually think "Ringing in the New Year" with a glass of champagne and a midnight kiss. Most organized parties evolve around the adults. Sure, the kids get to enjoy bonfires and fireworks, but many are just too tired to enjoy all the festivities.

So how about a New Year's Day Party for the kids? Jeff and Bridget Boykin have done just that for the past two years for their 12-year-old son Joy and a few of his friends. Hosting a preteen party on January 1st allows the kids the opportunity to join in the celebrations without impeding on New Year's Eve plans their parents may have had.

And Since the party is for preteens, the start and end time are much more manageable. This three-hour party started at 5:00 pm with a live DJ from Complete Media. Since Complete Media specializes in selling parties, they were also able to bring a Photo Booth, Uplighting, Photographer, and Videographer. Choosing a full service company allows for multiple services from one group, and sometimes discounts as well. A special thanks to Complete Media for helping making this party a success.

Fireworks for the party were also purchased on New Year's Day. Many firework stands offer steep discounts the day after. A good negotiator can often get much bigger boxes for a lot less money, sometimes even 50-75% off! Just be sure the neighbors know they're getting an extra show.